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Abdelmajid Nassih and Paulo Maria Winners of "Portugal/Morocco: Converging Views" Photography Competition


Rabat - Photographers Abdelmajid Nassih and Paulo Maria have won the photography competition "Portugal/Morocco: Converging Views" organized by the Portuguese Embassy in Rabat and Camões IP on the occasion of the Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day (June 10). This competition, aimed at promoting and disseminating the historical, cultural and economic links between Portugal and Morocco through the photographic image, brought together more than 100 photos in five months, which testify to the richness, past and present, of the relationship between the two countries and the friendship between their peoples, the embassy said in a statement on Wednesday. Regarding the winners, the same source specified that the picture of Abdelmajid Nassih, winner of category 1 (Memory, heritage, history) with a photo of the Portuguese cistern in El Jadida, "impressed" the jury by its classic but effective composition, the precise use of light and the impact caused by the blue color of the clothes of the female figure in the foreground.

"The image takes us back to another era and shows the cultural bond between the two countries," said the president of the jury, photographer Rui Pires. Paulo Maria, winner of category 2 (Travel, culture, gastronomy), for her part, attracted the attention of the jury with her work entitled "War and Peace", which manifests the assembly of antagonistic elements, an ancient Portuguese artillery piece and a woman in a serene attitude. "A woman who looks at the sea, she perhaps imagines the ships of the Crown of Portugal, which in the past sailed in the waters of Mazagan, or, who knows, she thinks of the future", commented the president of the jury. 

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