MAP | Publié ici le Samedi 19 Mars 2022

Albares: 'Stability and Prosperity of Spain and Morocco Are Intimately Linked'

"Today, we begin a new phase of relations with Morocco and close definitively a crisis with a strategic partner," noted the head of Spanish diplomacy at a press conference in Barcelona.
This new stage will be based on "mutual respect, respect for agreements, the absence of unilateral actions and transparency and permanent communication," he stressed.
"The stability and prosperity of our countries are intimately linked. Spain and Morocco are linked by history and geography. The two countries are linked by more than 16 billion euros of trade, Morocco is the third economic partner of Spain outside the EU," said Albares, noting that these exchanges have continued to grow despite the pandemic related to Covid-19.
"Spanish exports to Morocco have increased by 29% in 2020/2021, 17,000 Spanish companies have trade relations with Morocco and 700 are established in the neighboring country, more than 800,000 Moroccans live in Spain perfectly integrated and contribute to the creation of our prosperity," he stressed.
"This new stage will be developed (...) on a clear and ambitious roadmap to ensure the stability and sovereignty, territorial integrity and prosperity of our countries," said the Spanish minister, assuring that Madrid and Rabat "will approach this new stage with determination to address together all common challenges".
The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, stressed, Friday, that "the stability and prosperity of Spain and Morocco are intimately linked".