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American Experts in Laayoune to Promote English Language in Higher Education

Publié le Samedi 26 Juin 2021 | MAP

Laayoune - Mission Search International (MSI), an American company leader in promoting the teaching of English language in universities in the Middle East and North Africa, signed Friday in Laayoune, a partnership agreement with Higher School of Technology (EST) of Laayoune and the multidisciplinary faculty of Es-Semara.

The agreement aims to help students in the region of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra, particularly in the medical and paramedical fields, to improve their English language skills.

The program is designed specifically to recruit highly qualified American professors to teach English at prestigious universities in the MENA region and Europe.

On this occasion, Vice President of Mission Search International Pete Dominici said that the agreement is in line with the long-standing strategic partnership between the United States of America and Morocco.

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