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Anti-Covid19 Vaccine: Moroccan-Chinese Project to Provide Strong Support for Pandemic Prevention and Control in Morocco (Sinopharm CEO)


​Fez - The memorandum on cooperation in manufacturing the anti-COVID-19 vaccine between the Moroccan state and China's Sinopharm Group will provide strong support for the prevention and control of the pandemic in Morocco, said Liu Jengzhen, CEO of Sinopharm Group.

This project is of great importance for both Morocco and China in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, said Jengzhen, who was speaking by videoconference from Beijing during the ceremony of launching and signing of agreements related to the project of fill-finish manufacturing of the anti-Covid19 vaccine and other vaccines in Morocco, chaired on Monday by HM King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace in Fez.

The project will also contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic at the global level, he added, noting that this large-scale project will strengthen the health resilience of the peoples of the Kingdom and Africa, as it will make an important contribution to the consolidation of the Chinese-Moroccan friendship.

Liu Jengzhen also said that the Kingdom of Morocco and China are fighting together against the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that the two heads of State, HM King Mohammed VI and President Xi Jinping, had a phone conversation and reached a series of consensuses on the joint fight against the pandemic and the deepening of economic and trade cooperation.

The Chinese president specifically expressed the readiness of the People's Republic of China to actively promote antiviral vaccine R&D and production cooperation with Morocco, Jengzhen said.

Since the establishment of the strategic partnership between China and the Kingdom of Morocco in 2016, relations between the two countries have seen a high level of development, he recalled, noting that his group has achieved good cooperation with the Moroccan government and institutions in terms of research and development of the vaccine against Covid-19.

Morocco has therefore provided Sinopharm with solid assistance and valuable support in overseas clinical trials, Jengzhen said.