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Bayt Mal Alqods Acharif Agency Provides Al-Quds Hospitals with Medicines and Biomedical Equipment


​Al-Quds - The Bayt Mal Alqods Acharif Agency has handed over medical equipment and medicines to the emergency hospitals in occupied Al Quds. In a statement released on Thursday, the agency said it had handed over a batch of drugs and medical supplies to the al-Makassed Charitable Association hospital in the holy city and another batch of medical equipment to the Arab Health Center at the esplanade of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

This operation aims to meet the needs of the emergency services of these hospitals for medicines and biomedical equipment, following the recent events that took place in Al Quds Acharif during the month of Ramadan, the statement said, noting that these events were raised by the “Surveillance, Observation and Follow-up report” which was published by the Agency in early June. The cost of this operation, which was financed by the Agency thanks to donations from the Moroccan people, amounts to more than 60,000 US dollars.

The aid includes antibiotics, medical supplies and biomedical equipment, including ECG machines, vital signs monitors, oxygen concentrators with a capacity of 5 liters, electric suction devices (16 and 20 liters), as well as a platform equipped for sterilization with a capacity of 24 liters. This medical aid provided by the Moroccan people, who have always stood alongside the Palestinian people in difficult situations, is not the first of its kind, said Ali Al-Hussaini, medical supervisor of al-Makassed hospital, recalling that the Kingdom, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, has continued to provide similar aid to the Palestinian people.

“Whenever the hospital is facing difficult circumstances and suffers from shortages of medical equipment, we find the support of the Bayt Mal Alqods Acharif Agency,” he said, expressing his thanks and gratitude to HM King Mohammed VI for this lofty initiative, which takes place at a time when al-Makassed hospital suffers from financial problems and a shortage of medicines and medical supplies. For his part, the administrative director of the Arab Health Center, Ahmed Sorour, said the center urgently needed the medical equipment handed over by the Bayt Mal Alqods Acharif Agency.

After expressing his thanks and gratitude to HM King Mohammed VI for the support provided by the Sovereign to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, he praised the rapid interaction of the Bayt Mal Alqods Acharif Agency with the request submitted by the Center regarding this medical aid.

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