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Christopher Ross's Latest Statement Betrays His "Deep Resentment" for Morocco - Tamek


​Rabat - The latest statement by Christopher Ross, former personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Sahara, on the US decision to recognize the Moroccanness of the Sahara betrays his "deep resentment" for Morocco, wrote Mohamed Salah Tamek, Sheikh (tribal figure) in charge of identification.

This statement published on Facebook on December 13, 2020, confirms Morocco's criticisms about Ross's line of conduct and the management of his mission, in particular, his blatant and incomprehensible bias in favor of the other party to the detriment of the Kingdom's right of sovereignty over its territories, he said in an article entitled "The Mask is Falling."

Christopher Ross dropped his mask by shamelessly disclosing the personal agendas at the root of his bias, noted the author of the article, adding that his reaction reveals a "lack of diplomacy" and of tact in the rhetoric used to comment on the decision of the US administration to recognize Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara.

After long negotiation processes and successive missions of personal envoys of the UN SG, Ross's country, the United States, is now convinced of the historical and objective reality of Morocco's the southern provinces, the economic and social dynamics in these provinces, as well as the serious and legitimate nature of the Moroccan autonomy proposal as a basis for negotiations to reach a final solution to the Sahara issue.

These are all relevant considerations that presided over the historic decision of the United States, Tamek said.

Christopher Ross has advanced false pretexts to his position regarding his country's decision, trying to persuade the US political class that such a decision does not play in favor of US interests in the region, which should only focus on relations with Algeria, he said. Ross claims to be unaware of the fact that Washington is bound by multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional strategic partnerships with the Kingdom of Morocco, Tamek went on. According to the author, Ross is also trying to make the next US administration believe that President Donald Trump's decision could cause upheaval in the North African region, while he is well aware of the reality in that part of the world. 

He knows full well that the creation of entities devoid of history and legitimacy will only exacerbate the situation, all the more that the entity in question is only an Algerian creation at the service of Algiers' expansionist desires, Tamek added.

For any observer, it is clear from Ross's statement that he focuses only on economic interests without paying the slightest attention to the constant commitment of the United States in favor of democracy, the rule of law and institutions, human rights and human dignity, wrote the author, adding that Ross knows that "the junta, which is holding and muzzling the Sahrawi brothers in the Tindouf camps, is only interested in what it receives from the hands of its sponsors and what it embezzles from humanitarian aid."

The facts and realities confirm the legitimacy of the Moroccan position regarding Christopher Ross when the Kingdom withdrew confidence from him on May 12, 2012, in light of unbalanced and partial positions inconsistent with the broad guidelines set out by the UN Security Council as a basis for negotiation.

Throughout his mission as personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General, he made sure to empty the Moroccan autonomy initiative of its substance through fraudulent practices ignoring the guidelines contained in resolution 1813 of April 30, 2008, with the sole purpose of serving the agendas of the other two parties who still seek to thwart Morocco's sovereignty over its Sahara, said Tamek.

Ross did not manage to get rid of his "blatant" sympathy for Algeria since he was posted as an ambassador there and he was trying to convince his country that the strategic partnership with Algiers was more advantageous than the one concluded with the Kingdom of Morocco, the author concluded. 

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