Clinton in Algeria for Talks

Publié le Samedi 25 Février 2012 à 23:22 | NAU

Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci, who visited Washington last May and invited the Secretary of State to Algeria, had been at the airport to meet Clinton, and the two were expected to discuss counter-terrorism, Algerian officials said.
Clinton in Algeria for Talks
At a speech at the US embassy in Algiers, she said the people of north Africa’s Maghreb region — Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia — should be able to determine their own future, AFP reported.

“The people of the Maghreb are as talented, creative and hard working as people anywhere in the world,” she said. “They need and deserve to make decisions on behalf of themselves because that is good for the dignity and rights of every individual and it’s good for every society.”

The Secretary of State said the United States wants to be Algeria’s partner on the road to economic and democratic development.Fifty years on from independence, “Algeria needs to assume its rightful place as a nation among nations where prosperity, peace and security are available for the people,” she said.

“And the United States wants to be your partner — a partner of your government, of your economy and of your civil society — to see these kinds of positive changes occur.”

 Secretary of State Clinton later dined with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at his palace, together with senior government figures. They were due to discuss Algeria’s approaching parliamentary elections in May, Clinton’s office said. Later she the flew on to Morocco.

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