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Covid-19: Emergency Medical Aid Ordered by HM the King, Tangible Response to Needs of Health System in Tunisia

Publié le Lundi 26 Juillet 2021 | MAP

​Tunis - The emergency medical aid ordered by HM King Mohammed VI for the benefit of Tunisia, which is experiencing a worsening of the epidemiological situation due to Covid-19, constitutes a tangible and real response to the needs of the health system in this Maghreb country, to counter this pandemic.

This royal humanitarian and lofty initiative, which reflects the quality of the relations between HM King Mohammed VI and the Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed, as well as the bonds of fraternity and effective solidarity between the two brotherly peoples, is of paramount importance, considering that it is timely and of high quality. Tunisia has recently experienced an increased demand for oxygen for the benefit of patients with Covid-19, in addition to intensive care beds, given the sharp increase in daily cases of contamination by the virus. No less than 12 aircraft of the Royal Air Force (FRA) have landed in Tunisia to date, carrying more than 134 tons and 689 kilograms of medical aids, composed of two complete and autonomous intensive care units, with a total capacity of 100 beds, in addition to 100 respirators and two oxygen generators with a capacity of 33 m3 per hour each. Thus, while welcoming the High Initiative of HM the King, the Director General of Military Health in Tunisia, Mustapha Ferjani, affirmed that the Sovereign is still standing by the side of Tunisia in this delicate health situation. "This Moroccan emergency medical aid will give Tunisia a strong boost in its relentless fight against Covid-19, especially as it will allow the country to overcome this crisis," Dr Ferjani said on Sunday in a statement to MAP. He added that this valuable initiative, which reflects the relations of brotherhood and friendship existing between the two Heads of State, will help to further strengthen the long-standing relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Tunisia, as well as between the two peoples. In the same vein, Dr Ferjani indicated that the field hospital that Morocco has set up in Tunisia is "autonomous and staffed with highly qualified medical personnel who worked even during the days of the Eid Al-Adha, with dedication and altruism". "Morocco will be one of the first countries to have launched the fill-finish manufacturing of the anti-Covid19 vaccine project", he said, adding that this can only benefit the Maghreb, Arab and African peoples.

For his part, the Ambassador of HM the King in Tunis Hassan Tariq affirmed that the royal initiative is "spontaneous", in its depth, noting that it symbolizes a noble side which endows it with great strength.

Referring to its timing, Tariq stressed that it is an urgent and immediate medical support which concretely meets the needs of the Tunisian health system in terms of intensive care beds and oxygen. He also praised the good reactions by the Tunisian side with regard to the initiative of HM King Mohammed VI which was much appreciated at all levels, whether the official, the professional and the popular ones. The diplomat recalled, in the same context, that the Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed had expressed, during his visit on July 19 to the field hospital, in the governorate of Manouba, his hearty thanks and high esteem for the Kingdom of Morocco which embodies the solidity of the bonds of fraternity and friendship between the two countries and which reinforces the values of solidarity and mutual aid between the two brotherly peoples, especially in such difficult health conditions. Tariq also revealed that the progress of work in the Moroccan field hospital has reached 95%, explaining that the technical aspects of the hospital are ready, and that it is currently in the oxygen experiment phase.

He added that high-level Tunisian delegations and officials attended the reception of Moroccan medical aid, in particular the minister and director of the President's office Nadia Oukacha, the Tunisian Minister of Defense Brahim Bertégy, the former Minister of Health Faouzi Mehdi and the Director General of Military Health Mustapha Ferjani. He underlined that the Embassy of the Kingdom in Tunisia receives a considerable number of messages and telephone calls, from officials notably of parties, who express their appreciation of this initiative. This Royal decision is part of the ties of active solidarity between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Tunisia, as well as of the authentic fraternity which unites the two brotherly peoples.