Donors conference for Al Quds hails projects by Bait Mal Al Quds Asharif Agency

MAP - Publié le Mardi 9 Juillet 2013 à 12:58

Rabat - Head of Bait Mal Al Quds Asharif Agency Abdelkebir Alaoui M'Daghri said, on Monday in Rabat, that Morocco is satisfied with the position of the donors conference for funding Al Quds strategic development plan, held recently in Baku in Azerbaijan, which lauded the role of Al Quds Committee chaired by HM King Mohammed VI.
Donors conference for Al Quds hails projects by Bait Mal Al Quds Asharif Agency
The participants in the conference also lauded projects carried out by the agency under the sovereign's supervision in vital sectors as health, education and housing, in addition to those linked to youth, women and children, he said at a press briefing on the meeting's results.

According to him, this conference, held upon the call by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to support a strategic sectoral development plan in the city of Al Quds, presented by the Palestinian National Authority, underlined the importance of involving the agency in the implementation of certain projects included in the plan due to its experience and expertise in field action.

The holding of this conference is part of the mobilization of funding necessary for supporting this strategic plan, he said, noting that the Palestinian Authority will be responsible for receiving these funds and implementing projects planned in the Al Quds.

Morocco stressed at the conference that his contribution to this effort will be shown in the funding of projects by Bait Mal Al Quds Agency, he said.

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