France: Latest Developments on Moroccan Sahara Issue Highlighted

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​Paris - The latest developments of the national cause, in light of the U.S. decision to recognize Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara, were highlighted during a video-conference held at the initiative of Morocco's Consulate in Orly, France, in partnership with the Association "Mémoire France-Maroc".
The event was moderated by eminent speakers including Aabadila Semlali, researcher on the Moroccan Sahara issue, Youssef Chiheb, professor and development consultant at the University of Paris XIII, Ali Najab, former detainee in the Tindouf camps, as well as Françoise Bastide, sociologist and resident lecturer in Dakhla.

Speaking on this occasion, Morocco's Consul General in Orly, Nada Bakkali Hassani, stressed the importance of this event as it offers the opportunity for young people and future generations to reflect on the lessons, teachings, and value of historical stages of the Kingdom's independence.

In this regard, she recalled the major historical milestones which marked the recovery by Morocco of its territorial integrity from independence in 1956 until the recovery of the southern provinces following the Madrid Agreement of 1975.

For his part, Youssef Chiheb emphasized the geopolitical context that has prevailed since the launch of the Green March in 1975. He also highlighted the political and diplomatic action led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the major social and economic projects launched by the Sovereign for the development of the southern provinces.

Aabadila Semlali focused on the main historical milestones in the recovery by Morocco of its Saharan provinces, describing this meeting as an opportunity to highlight the potential of these provinces and the development programs launched by the Sovereign, part of the implementation of the New Development Model.

Françoise Bastide highlighted Morocco's historical rights over its Sahara and the boom the region is experiencing.

Morocco has achieved "miracles" in terms of development in the face of the challenge of the desert. This development has a great social and cultural impact on the people of the Moroccan Sahara, she said.

Ali Najab, author of the book "25 years in the Jails of Tindouf" underlined, among other things, the legal ties of allegiance between the Sultans of Morocco and the tribes living in the Sahara territory, which is a form of sovereignty.

The event, held under the theme "Moroccan Sahara, History, Present and Future prospects", is part of a series of conferences held by the consular representation on "the duty of memory and transmission." 

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