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Health Condition of Detainee S.R. is Normal, Contrary to His Wife's Allegations (Local Prison)

​Rabat - The health condition of the detainee (S.R) is normal, contrary to the unfounded allegations made by his wife, said the administration of the local prison Ain Sebaa 1.

In response to the statements made by the wife of the detainee to some online website and comments on social media, following her visit to the detainee, the penal institution underline in a statement that the detainee is subject to daily medical check and supervision, as well as examinations to monitor his health condition, which remains normal contrary to the baseless allegations made by his wife.

In contrast to the allegations of his wife and as part of the family visit control under Article 77 of Law 23-98 on the organization and functioning of prisons, the penitentiary was informed that she did not attempt to convince the detainee (S.R) to end his "hunger strike", but on the contrary, she encouraged him to continue it ignoring the adverse effects that this strike could have on his health, the source added.

The administration of the local prison also pointed out that, contrary to the allegations of his wife, according to which the detainee was not able to carry his son, it was observed during this visit, which lasted almost an hour, that the detainee carried his child in his arms in a normal way.

The detainee walked around in a normal way and without exhaustion, both inside the penitentiary (during the walk, the family visit and his contacts with the lawyers) and particularly between the two floors of the health center, or outside the facility when he appeared before the court.