MPs : Morocco has well managed transition to democracy

MAP - Publié le Lundi 8 Juillet 2013 à 13:47

Leiden - Thanks to the wisdom of King Mohammed VI and the various political reforms launched, Morocco has well managed its transition to democracy, unlike other countries in the Arab region, said, here on Saturday, several Moroccan MPs.
MPs : Morocco has well managed transition to democracy
Speaking at a meeting with members of the Moroccan community in the Netherlands, the MPs stressed that the Kingdom did not wait for the Arab Spring to launch its reform process, adding that while many countries seem to have just started the path to political and social reforms, Moroccans have already begun to reap the benefits of a process of change on many fronts, under the leadership of the Sovereign and with the participation of all the components of Moroccan society, they said.

The MPs who were on a visit to the Netherlands at the invitation of a number of Moroccan organizations, said the reforms launched by Morocco since the establishment of the "Equity and Reconciliation" institution, have made of Morocco a unique model in the region, leading to even further reforms with the adoption of a new constitution protecting basic human rights, expanding the scope of freedoms, and guaranteeing the separation of powers.

These achievements, they said, have earned Morocco respect and the admiration of the international community, mainly the EU and the US.

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