Medi1TV: Record Digital Audience Growth in 2020

MAP - Publié le Mardi 16 Février 2021 à 15:28

Rabat - The Moroccan multichannel package Medi1TV said that it witnessed a record year (2020) in terms of audience on social networks, with some 4.2 billion users identified worldwide, that is 53% of the world's population. "With an increase of half a billion new users on social networks around the world, user growth in Morocco has also significantly increased this year," said Medi1TV in a press release, citing the 2021 Digital Report, noting that 59% of the Moroccan population connects to one or more social media platforms, a figure which is above the world average and which represents a rise of 10 points compared to the year 2019 with its penetration rate of 49%. The news channel said having recorded in 2020 the most important evolution on social networks, as much in terms of the volumes of videos viewed as of subscribers and interactions, adding that with 13 million subscribers, the digital audience, all social media platforms combined, recorded a 25% jump over one year.

In addition, a new step was taken this year by accumulating more than 2.2 billion videos viewed, including 750 million in 2020 alone, that is a third of the total recorded to date, said Medi1TV, noting that this performance is in line with user consumption trends. Regarding Facebook and Instagram, Medi1TV pointed out that these are the two platforms that recorded the strongest growth in 2020, noting that on Facebook, the number of videos viewed has doubled in one year while interactions have almost tripled between 2019 and 2020. In addition, the number of people involved reached a record figure of 700 million users, while the audience on Facebook also experienced a significant peak since out of 7.5 million subscribers, nearly a million were recorded during the year 2020. Growth also intensified on Instagram, one of the favorite platforms for young people. The number of subscribers saw a clear increase of more than 160%, a growth almost three times higher than that of the year 2019, according to the same source.

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