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Moroccan Jewish Association of Mexico Welcomes Royal Message of Reconciliation and Regional Co-development

Publié le Mercredi 4 Août 2021 | MAP

Mexico City - The speech addressed by HM King Mohammed VI to the nation, on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the Throne Day, is a sincere message of reconciliation and regional co-development which testifies to the wisdom and leadership of the Sovereign in favor of peace and stability, said the Moroccan Jewish Association of Mexico.

In a statement to MAP, the president of the Association, Moïses Amselem, stressed that HM the King called on the Algerian government to bring the two countries closer and to reopen the borders which have been closed for a quarter of a century for totally outdated reasons and which have no longer any justification, thus echoing the legitimate aspirations for the Maghreb integration desired by the peoples of the region. The Sovereign has never ceased to send similar invitations to Algeria for the reopening of the borders illustrating the spirit of the extended hand and the constant goodwill of Morocco and its deep conviction in the notion of brotherhood between the Moroccan and Algerian peoples, added Amselem.

HM the King recalled in his speech that "no logic can explain the current situation, especially since the reasons which led to the closure of the borders are totally outdated". According to the president of the Moroccan Jewish Association of Mexico, this is a "message of peace" by HM King Mohammed VI in order to transcend the divisions of the past to face together the challenges and threats to security and stability in the African and Euro-Mediterranean basin. "Our Moroccan Jewish Association in Mexico gives its full support to all the actions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI who proved, once again, that he is a great wise leader who is constantly searching for peace", concluded Amselem.