Morocco, Strong Link in Fight Against Terrorism and Leading Partner for Europe (IPSE)

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Paris -Morocco, which has paid a heavy price and has been able to re-adapt its security strategy to face the terrorist threat, constitutes "a strong link" in international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and a leading partner for Europe, said on Thursday Emmanuel Dupuy, president of the Institut Prospective et Sécurité en Europe (IPSE), a think tank specializing in defense, geopolitical, geo-economic and geostrategical issues.  Morocco has succeeded in setting up a network within its own territory. The very one that has enabled it to provide a coordinated response of regional, continental, and more specifically Euro-Mediterranean action and cooperation in terms of counterterrorism.

This is the winning formula that makes Morocco a strong link in the fight against terrorism between Europe, Africa and beyond, and the Mediterranean, underlined the President of IPSE, who analyzed, for the AtlasInfo information site, the elements constituting the uniqueness of the Moroccan security model in the fight against terrorism and the main principles of its strategy in terms of international cooperation.  According to this specialist in security and defense issues, the Moroccan model of a moderate Islam which is serene and balanced (...) is also one of the significant tools in the fight against terrorism. To which is added the "structuring" reference which constitutes the status of HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the faithful and president of the Al-Quds Committee, which is important and shines well beyond the borders of the Moroccan Kingdom, as well as the strong social resilience and unwavering determination in the religious field through the restructuring of the religious field by the State.  All these elements help to explain this kind of enthusiasm at the international level for the Moroccan example, said the president of IPSE.  According to Emmanuel Dupuy, the Moroccan model of combating radicalization and violent extremism is attracting interest in France and other European countries, such as Spain. "The example of the Mohammed VI Institute for Imam Training is an illustration that Paris sees with great interest," he said.  However, "security between the two shores of the Mediterranean is not just about excellent bilateral cooperation, but rather is built on broader cooperation", he said.  He underlined, in this context, that Morocco should be given, "incontestably", a much more preponderant role within the framework of the initiative known as "G4 terrorism", proposed by the ministers of justice of France, Belgium, Spain and Morocco and which will be consolidated during the next six-monthly presidency of the European Union, assumed by Portugal as of January 1.  Morocco informs, alerts and shares the information it has, which has made it possible to anticipate terrorist operations in Europe and to neutralize their organizers, he noted.

On the military level, Morocco is an essential partner. It is also for this reason that it has long been presented as a “major ally outside NATO" and that it has since 2016 been described as a “strategic partner” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, he stressed. 

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