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Nicaragua-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship Group Supports Kingdom's Actions in Defense of its Territorial Integrity

Publié le Jeudi 17 Décembre 2020 | MAP

​Rabat - The Nicaragua-Morocco parliamentary friendship group expressed, on Wednesday, its support for the actions undertaken by the Kingdom to defend its territorial integrity.

"It is obvious that the unrealistic position of the polisario is at the root of the current complexities," said the parliamentary friendship group in a statement, recalling that long before "the irresponsible declaration of war" by the polisario militias against Morocco, the Moroccan Sahara issue was deadlocked due of the lack of any willingness on the part of the separatists, under the influence of "external parties."

The polisario, "a group that is a victim of its nature and condition as a relic of the Cold War, has undertaken destabilizing actions in the region," the same source added.

The statement, signed by Nicaraguan deputies Wendy María Guido, Mauricio Orue Vásquez, Adilia del Pilar Salinas Otero and Jimmy Harold Blandón Rubio, called for dialogue between the parties, stressing the need for all parties involved in this regional dispute to respect the United Nations resolutions.

The parliamentary friendship group also highlighted the "transformations" operated by the Kingdom in the Moroccan Sahara region.

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