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Political Parties Deplore Algiers' "Inappropriate" Decision To Sever Diplomatic Relations with Morocco

Publié le Samedi 28 Août 2021 | MAP

Rabat - The leaders of several political parties deplored the "unilateral and inappropriate decision" of the Algerian authorities to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco, deeming it necessary to preserve the historical ties uniting the two brotherly peoples. The leaders of these formations consider that the current regional and global context requires actions capable of bringing together the peoples of the Maghreb region around common values and interests, to move forward together on the path of progress and shared growth. "We regret the position of the Algerian leaders to sever diplomatic relations and to seek by all means to destabilize Morocco", declared to MAP the secretary general of the Popular Movement (MP) Mohand Laenser, noting that the Kingdom "will not be intimidated and will continue to defend its territorial integrity".

For his part, the secretary general of the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS), Mohamed Nabil Benabdallah stressed that the unilateral decision of the Algerian regime to sever diplomatic relations with the Kingdom is "an arbitrary and incomprehensible decision". By taking such a decision, Algeria seeks by all means an escape from the problems fueling political, economic and social instability in this Maghreb country, he explained in a similar statement, adding that this attitude does not represent in any case the will of the Algerian people.

In the same vein, the first secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), Driss Lachgar, described the Algerian decision as "deeply regrettable", despite the positive and explicit signals contained in the Throne Speech. "We hoped that the Algerian leaders will respond favorably to the royal appeal, but we are far from being surprised by the Algerian gesture", he noted. The head of the Constitutional Union (UC), Mohamed Sajid, said for his part that he is "astonished by the Algerian decision at a time when we aspired to turn the page of the past following HM the King's speech." The Secretary General of the United Socialist Party (PSU) Nabila Mounib expressed regret at the current situation, deploring that the peoples of the Maghreb are lagging behind in terms of seeing the dream of a united and democratic Greater Maghreb come true. The Algerian regime "made the people miss the opportunity to build a democratic state, while claiming that the Moroccan Sahara question is a domestic issue."