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Prison Administration Refutes 'Human Rights Observatory' Allegations on Circumstances of Detainees O.R, S.R Incarceration

​Rabat - The General Delegation of Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) refuted Friday the allegations contained in the report "of the so-called Euro-Mediterranean Observatory of Human Rights" for the month of July 2021, relating to the circumstances of incarceration of O.R and S.R. Prisoners.

In a clarification, the DGAPR said that contrary to what is indicated in the report, the detainee O.R. is incarcerated in an individual cell meeting the conditions of accommodation required and equipped with a television allowing him to follow a set of satellite channels, based on a request he submitted upon his admission to prison.

Regarding the health of this prisoner, the same source said that since his admission to this prison, the person concerned is receiving the necessary medical care from medical staff and outpatient hospitals, adding that the drugs prescribed by the attending physician have been delivered, in addition to the drugs that his family brings him after being checked by the doctor of the institution.

The delegation described as "unfounded" the words of the mother of the prisoner who claims that he could not undergo a medical examination at the Ibn Rochd hospital, because of the refusal of police to remove his handcuffs, explaining that immediately after the entry of the detainee, on May 04, 2021, to the gastroenterologist's office of the aforementioned hospital, "the handcuffs were removed, but the detainee refused to undergo the examination until the officials left the doctor's office knowing that the office has an isolated place dedicated to the examination of patients without violating their privacy".

Regarding the reasons for the hunger strike that this prisoner had conducted, added the same source, and contrary to what is indicated in the report, the person concerned confirmed to the director of the institution that he aimed to be released from prison and that his strike movement had nothing to do with the conditions of his imprisonment.

For what was mentioned in the report on the alleged harassment of the prisoner O.R. during his communication with his defense team, the DGAPR affirmed that all detainees are treated without discrimination during their contact with their lawyers, a right guaranteed by law, while ensuring the proper conditions for better communication between lawyers and their clients.

And with regard to the assertion of the mother of this prisoner that in the context of the Corona pandemic, things became more complicated and that the measures taken inside the prison constituted a danger to her health, the delegation stressed that it has deployed all its efforts to fight the pandemic and has taken a set of preventive measures to protect the prison population, efforts that have made it possible to curb the spread of the epidemic inside the penal institutions.

As for the detainee S.R, also held at the Ain Sebaa 1 local prison, the DGAPR said that the person concerned has, since he began a hunger strike on April 8, 2021, a daily medical monitoring and medical examinations and analysis that confirm that his health is normal, contrary to the unfounded claims of his wife who says that after 60 days of his hunger strike, the detainee would have lost 31 kg.

The delegation also described as "unfounded" the allegations that the inmate was unable to communicate by telephone with his wife for 23 days, assuring that he enjoys his right to communicate with his family and has never been denied this right.

According to the same source, the detainee in question has voluntarily refused to avail himself of his right to communicate by landline telephone of the institution, stressing that the continuation of his hunger strike has nothing to do with the conditions of his detention.

The delegation finally emphasized that the recourse of the relatives of the two detainees O.R. and S.R. to provide certain organizations with false and erroneous information is motivated by their attempt to change the course of these two common law cases in order to disguise them as a matter of freedom of opinion.

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