Sahara: Moroccan MPs Express Astonishment over Content of Letter Sent by Algerian Counterparts to US President

MAP - Publié le Mardi 16 Février 2021 à 15:26

​Rabat - Chairpersons of the parliamentary groups and groupings at the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament expressed their great astonishment and deep disappointment at the content of a letter sent by Algerian parliamentary groups to the new US President Joe Biden, urging him to revoke the recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara.
In a joint letter from the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament addressed to their Algerian counterparts, the MPs said that such a move "is a far cry from the spirit of fraternity uniting our two countries and peoples."

"The representatives of the brotherly Algerian people were expected to call upon the long history of common struggle for independence and against the occupier, which sowed the seeds of discord" and to "show wisdom, in order to avoid the trap of aligning themselves on the side of supporters of the sterile separatist thesis, which is unjustly backed by official circles in your brotherly country," according to the letter.

The position of Algerian parliamentarians confirms the extent of the interference of Algeria and of the representative bodies of the Algerian people in the internal affairs of a neighboring country and in the sovereign decisions taken by states according to the will of their institutions, the Moroccan MPs observed.

This interference contradicts the position of alleged neutrality claimed by Algeria when it comes to issues pertaining to the Kingdom's territorial integrity, which is one of the constants of the Moroccan nation, they said.

"Unfortunately, the content of the correspondence goes against international legitimacy, ignores the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and goes against the international positions and the legitimacy of the UN which deemed serious and credible Morocco's Autonomy proposed, describing it as an appropriate framework to resolve this conflict."

The chairpersons of the parliamentary groups and groupings called for taking stock of the history and common legacy uniting the two peoples, stressing the Kingdom's commitment to the approach of non-interference in the internal affairs of Algeria and of other countries.

They called on the representatives of the Algerian nation to work together, alongside the other countries of the region, to build a strong Maghreb Union.

"This ambition will not see the light," through creating micro-States and stirring up separatist tendencies and national fanaticism, which are a far cry from our culture and civilization, the letter concluded.

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