Tensions in the South Mediterranean: Moroccan Journalists Call on EU to Act Against 'Adventurous Actions' of Generals in Algiers

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​Rabat – An array of Moroccan journalists on Tuesday called on the European Union (EU) to act swiftly to remedy the climate of lasting tension in the southern Mediterranean following the "adventurous actions" of generals in Algiers "who will one day end up putting the entire Mediterranean to fire and blood".
Last episode to date of the "leap forwards" practiced by the regime of generals to ensure its maintenance and survival, an inflammatory media campaign, attacking in an unworthy and despicable manner the Kingdom of Morocco and its sacred symbols, which extends and deploys, through some service media, provocations and military unrest in eastern and southwestern border areas, stress the signatories of a petition, a copy of which was received by MAP.

Such a situation is part of a culture of conflict and can only give cause for concern regarding the conditions of stability, peace and security in the Maghreb and the Southern Mediterranean, warn the launchers of the call, believing that any procrastination of the EU, "whose responsibility is committed to the Mediterranean", risks "playing the game of old Algerian generals, who are stuck on the gas revenues and followers of the scorched-earth policy".

This leap forwards by a desperate Algerian military regime whose power is ending threatens to set the southern Mediterranean region ablaze and enter an endless spiral of violence from which neither the North nor the South will emerge unscathed, notes the call, recalling that this regime is delegitimized because of its liabilities by a broad social dynamic of protest mobilized around a new order, a founding system of the rule of law, freedoms and democracy.

"What is at issue is the end of the spoliation of independence and the confiscation of national resources. It is also the foundations and the articulation of a new project of society based on a frame of reference of freedom, social justice, full citizenship, ensuring dignity, social progress and the well-being of all,” add the signatories of this call.

The old generals in power since 1962 in Algeria, who have plundered the country's independence and confiscated its resources, in a generalized predation, have chosen the war option to divert the attention of Algerians from the real problems of the country, notes the text, stressing that "the Algerian people today demand self-determination for the establishment of a civil State, a real democracy and an autonomous and responsible political class".

These are necessary elements of an active civil society, a free and transparent economy, a cultural diversity that respects differences and a hopeful Maghreb neighborhood policy, say the signatories of the document.

They underline that “if the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty is considered by all as a credible, sustainable and just solution to end, under the aegis of the UN, the issue of Moroccan Sahara, then it is urgently indicated that the European Union in turn recognize, like the United States, Moroccan sovereignty over its Sahara to launch concrete negotiations on this autonomy and mark the end of this state of war that has lasted for 45 years”.

This call to reason and responsibility in the Southern Mediterranean was signed by journalist, President of the Moroccan Federation of Media (FMM) Kamal Lahlou, journalist, university professor Mustapha Sehimi, journalist-writer, former President of the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FMEJ), President of the Brotherhood of the Companions of Gutenberg, Director General of the Moroccan News Agency Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and journalist, former President of the FMEJ, Director of the Reporter Bahia Amrani.

It was also signed by journalist, Founder of the Groupe Eco-médias, former editor-in-chief of The Economist Nadia Salah, journalist, former deputy Director General of 2M, Communication Advisor Samira Sitail, journalist, member of the National Press Council Touria Souaf, journalist, former member of HACA, President of the international committee of support for the Palestinian people under the Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organisation Talaa Saoud Al Atlassi.

Journalist, member of the National Press Council, President of the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Publishers (FMEJ) Noureddine Miftah, University Professor, founder of the Eco-médias Group, member of the National Press Council, President of the Moroccan Media Association (AMM) Abdelmoneim Dilami, journalist, President of the National Press Council Younes Mjahed, journalist, former member of HACA, Director of quid.ma Naim Kamal, journalist, member of the National Press Council, President of OJD Maroc Mohamed Selhami, journalist, founder of SAPRESSE, President of Promopresse Mohamed Berrada, and journalist, founder of Al Ahdath Al Maghribia Mohamed El Brini also signed this document.

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